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Michael Forr Joins Leadership Ranks of Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios

Michael Forr


(MIDWEST OHIO)— [February 2017] Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios announces that Michael Forr has been named Vice President, Brand Strategy.

“Bootstrap & Co. continues to be an industry disruptor in the creative space.” Explains Katelyn Martin, the studio’s Director of Operation. “We are experiencing explosive growth, and we are more than excited to have Forr’s legendary leadership to compliment our culture of continuous improvement.”

One could argue that Forr’s relationship with Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios began years ago. With an impressive leadership career forged in the fires of GE Capital, Forr rose through the ranks to become one of the most accomplished Area Sales Managers. Forever the consummate team player, Forr often volunteered his time to mentor new hires.

In 2005, one of these new hires was, ironically, Mark Bloemhard, Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studio’s Creative Director.

“Not only did I watch Mike’s team produce an unbelievable $1BN in annual revenue at GE Capital, I watched him do it selflessly. Sure, he was laser focused on building his division, but he was just as dedicated to helping other managers find their way.

“I was hired to develop the Ohio territory and while Mike could have consider me to be an internal competitor, he was instrumental in my eventual success,” explains Mark Bloemhard.  “It’s impossible to forget an influential leader like Michael Forr.”

As VP of Brand Strategy, Forr will leverage an enviable wealth of experience to guide the growth and culture of the studio.

“I have been fortunate to be part of explosive growth organizations and the energy of Bootstrap is as contagious as I have ever experienced,” declares Forr. “Bootstrap & Co. is an explosive cocktail of unlimited potential and I’m excited to be a part of the process.”


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