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Bootstrap’s Book Nook: Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Leave Your Mark is told by the animated and witty voice of Aliza Licht. Licht was named as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women list of NY Daily News. A spot and elite status she’s achieved through hard work.

This book has become a “must-do” for those seeking to achieve success in their industry—whatever that industry might be. Her personal experience follows fashion, however her expertise expands well beyond.

I’ve pulled some extra helpful tips and snippets from Leave Your Mark that could help anyone personally or professionally.


Social Media

Social media is a necessity of today’s world—both business and personal. There are those who scoff and detest anything in the social media realm, claiming that it kills experiences that are happening in ones personal surroundings.

Licht combats this.

She shows a different side. She believes that social media makes the user more aware of their surroundings in order to articulated it on social media. Surroundings that may have been overlooked otherwise—like the artistry of perfectly placed food, recognizing the array of colors in a sunset or falling leaves that trickles into fashion, and so on. In her opinion, social media gives us a keen eye.

Beyond that, social media is a great tool to boost and promote in various different ways. With Twitter’s interactive interface, Instagram’s visual drive, and Facebook’s information database—there are all types of platforms that can fit your needs.

Here are some helpful tips Licht gives to maximize your social media experience.

  1. Authenticity is king. Your followers want something that feels real with all the ups and downs.
  2. Diplomacy is needed. There will always be ‘trolls’ it is best to not feed the fire.
  3. Private is also public. Your private profile, even under an anonymous name, can be detrimental to your career. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable showing at work.
  4. Image is everything. Image not only includes visual—but also verbal. Make sure that the image you create for your company is consistent with your brand.

To perfect your business’ online presence and social media interaction, consider going with the pros. A company that specializes in social media should know how to properly utilize any platform and engage your fans and followers.

Creating Your Personal Brand

Of course a company needs to be branded correctly—but remember that you also need to properly brand yourself. Here are some tips when forming the right brand for your identity.

  1. Your style, from your accessories to your clothing choices, all say something about your personality. Are your fun and free or classy and sophisticated?
  2. Be known for some signature look. This could be as simple as a nail color, hairstyle, or shade of unique make up. Create something that reflects you.
  3. Have confidence in what you do and people will recognize it. They might not know what it was, but they will know that you are successful. Maybe it’s the way you walk, the slight confident smile, or perhaps it was the way you held yourself.
  4. Whether people will admit it or not, they are judging you on your speech. If you aren’t confident in speaking in front of other—practice! Practice can create skills out of aspects that were once weak points.


These are just the tip of the iceberg for Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. Be sure to read our Bootstrap Book Nook pick and find your own tips to success from Mrs. Licht.