Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Makes All The Difference

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that is dedicated to growing visibility in search results. We can design an SEO-friendly website specific to your brand, needs, industry, and more.

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Do you want your site to rank? It better be fully responsive…

To improve the search experience for smartphones and tablet users, Google plans to roll out several new ranking algorithms that “severely penalize” websites that are not fully responsive, or in other words optimized for mobile and tablet users.

If your site isn’t fully  responsive, you need to get it ready for smartphone users as soon as possible, to avoid losing hard-won web capitol. (And, of course, to access the millions of smartphone users you want to do business with!) We, at Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios estimate that 65% of our website users are on mobile devices.

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The Importance of a Meta Description

Your meta description is your book synopsis, movie trailer, and a formal recommendation. It is what will sell your target audience on your website. It will become the reason your customers decide to open your page.

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