Videography and Photography

Full-Service Marketing for Doug Frates Glass of Springfield, Ohio

Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios has created a full-service marketing experience for Doug Frates Glass of Springfield, Ohio.

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Photos: Get the Creative Shot!

A company’s story is a crucial component to its brand. The tale it decides to tell could be the difference of having a customer or not. Why should a potential client go with your company versus your competitor?

When you entice your audience to choose your company, keep in mind their time and attention span. Life is too busy for customers to read through all your material to find something that pertains to them. Entertain  your audience through pictures and videos.

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Get the Shot with Drone Work

Are you looking for a shot that is new and unique? Consider Drone work photography and videography. Drones are small, unmanned aircrafts. These little unmanned vehicles are able to capture aerial viewpoint that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It can do stills, video, and capture audio.

Get shots that are meaningful, impactful, and showcase you business. Pictures and videos are an amazing way to showcase your brand.

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Tell Your Company’s Story to an Attention-less Audience

The average attention span for humans is about eight seconds. This is a second less than a goldfish… Yes, you read that right. Man, top of the food chain, master of flight, curer of diseases—has slipped to an eight second attention span. This is a lot less than our previous 12 second attention span found in 2000.

Your audience’s short attention span is precious and invaluable to your business’ growth and development. Put every second to good use and give your target market really something to look at.

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