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What Does a Company’s Logo Portray to the World?

What is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic representation of your company. It can be the face of your business.

It is one of the first impressions you make on your target market and if it’s done right—it creates a lasting impression of your company. An effective logo is easy to recall and recognize. We like to refer to this recall as brand recognition.

By utilizing brand recognition, your company can show your logo to your customers and persuade them to think of your products and services. Meaning, a slamming design can influence buying decisions.

Influence your customers with an effective logo. This effective little design can be the difference between customers choosing your product or service over your competitor.

Quick Tips for an Effective Logo:

  1. Appealing. Your logo should be appealing to your target market. For instance, you are targeting the rustic, vintage lumberjack— a sci-fi, modern logo may not be the best choice. However, that could be the look for a Comic-Con audience.
  2. Consistent. Whatever your design might be, it has to be consistent with your brand. If you look at the logo design and you don’t have the calming realization: “Yes, this is my company” moment—you, my friend, have not found your logo.
  3. Recognizable.  It’s best not to have a cluttered logo. A simplistic logo is easy to spot and identify out of crowd of competing products. Extra fluff in design makes it easier for your target market to confuse a competitor’s logo with your design.  It’s a marketing nightmare to spend your marketing budget on a logo that no one can identify—or worse, advertise for a competing company. Yikes! Which brings us to our next point…
  4. Unique. Your consumer should be able to look at your logo and recognize trademarks of your company. This can be as simple as recognizing the feel of your company as modern, edgy, or vintage. It is portrayed through color scheme, graphics, layout, and overall design. Make sure your logo encompasses your company.  This goes back to the basics of branding. Did we mention the importance of a strong brand?
  5. Trendy. A new trend that we love for logos, is having it be vector based. This means no matter how big or small you make your design, it never looses its design or appeal. It is scalable. Vector based designs are perfect for creating a logo for large billboards or a small emblem on company apparel.
  6. Storyteller. As your unique design takes form, the logo should tell the story of your company. It shouldn’t be a storyteller that mimics that one crazy relative we all have. You know the one. The one that tells the longest and most pointless stories that he or she repeats a countless amount of times. No, it should be the storyteller that makes you crave the next page. One that makes you intrigued and excited for what is to come. It should say: I am current, unique, well branded, and a reputable business.

Logos are an important, frontline design. It should encompass your company and it is worth an investment. If you need a company that has design running through its veins and scuffed work boots that shows commitment and experience, check out Bootstrap and Co. for your logo design.