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Full-Service Marketing for Doug Frates Glass of Springfield, Ohio

About Doug Frates Glass in Springfield, Ohio

Doug Frates Glass is located in Springfield, Ohio. It is committed to creating singularly beautiful, interestingly modern, elegant art glass pieces. Their art has the potential to transform your space, helping you express your creativity and style.

The company is product-line oriented, providing a diversified selection that remains customize-able  to fit your specific project needs.

Each work of art is American-made art glass hand crafted from the highest-quality materials to ensure true, vibrant colors. They offer hundreds of color options, from fiery to tranquil, to complement any decor.

The studio creates custom and whole sale glass masterpieces.

Website design

Studio director, Doug Frates, has an interesting story. His tale takes you from his career as an active duty United States Marine to a well-known glass artist with a family. His art is more than a frozen piece in time, but rather a journey—a pretty cool journey at that.

Likewise, Bootstrap & Co. Creative Studios wanted to create a website that was fully responsive, uniquely designed, and portrayed Doug Frates’ story. The site needed to radiated as much passion for the craft as Frates exudes. Bootstrap & Co. worked with Frates to illustrate a balance between the artistry and the retail side to his business. The Doug Frates Glass website does just that.



When artist Doug Frates creates a masterpiece, he performs a sort of dance with liquid color. There are some things in life, like his work, that are too amazing to put into words—you have to experience it.

While we’re sure he’d love to invite all his customers and fans into his workshop—it simply isn’t big enough. So, being more realistic, Bootstrap & Co. videography team took a trip to Springfield, Ohio to film the artist at work.

Press Release

Doug Frates Glass is well recognized and respected in the glass art community. He has award-winning pieces ranging from vases, to wall mounts, to coveted auction art, and more.

To get his name out to the world, publicize his charity choices, and show his latest and greatest work—Bootstrap & Co. has created press releases to tantalize audiences of many different backgrounds.


Tradeshow marketing

While the Doug Frates Glass’ studio is located in Springfield, Ohio—they by no means stay in one place. The art studio frequents trade shows and art exhibits. Two of their main annual events are ICFF and High Point Market.

Before he enters the trade show arena, there is a lot of marketing that goes out for an event. From social media, to press release, and more—Bootstrap & Co. makes sure that his fans and fans-to-be know where they can find Frates’ exhibits.


Social Media Upkeep

Like the rest of the creative world, Doug Frates Glass is constantly changing, innovating, and revamping. To tell the world of the Doug Frates Glass excitement, Bootstrap & Co. helps manage their social media.

Social media is a crucial platform to showcase the artist’s many events, one of a kind pieces, and keep fans up-to-date. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to Google+—Doug Frates Glass keeps in touch with the art community, fans, and customers.