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Photos: Get the Creative Shot!

What have Photos Ever Done For You?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tell your company’s story through photos. Why should a potential client go with your company versus your competitor? The answer should be along the lines of: you do your service better than anyone else, you have a stellar team, and/or maybe you are the best financial option.

Tell your customers all the reason you should be their top pick. The question is: how are you going to do that? Through visuals of course! Life is too busy for customers to read through material. Entertain and entice your audience through pictures and videos.

Picture this: Different Ways to Describe your Brand Through Photos!

For clear company photos or getting drone work for your company video, it might be ideal to look for a company who does this kind of work. They have studied angles, lighting, and what it means to be brand right.

1. Company team photos. Have a team portfolio—the catch is to think outside the box. As everything else, this too should be brand loyal. Sure, if you are a massive corporate operation, you could do the standard background and headshot. However, if you’re a bit smaller, have a bit leeway, or are in a creative field—change it up. Really express your team. They can express themselves through poses, lighting, outfit choices, background and so many other ways

2. Team photos. Just like families, companies can be constantly expanding. Show your progress through team photos. These photos can also help build the morale of your staff. In the picture, you can have your staff dressed in company apparel. By doing this, the photo becomes a triple threat: show growth, build morale, and advertise.

3. Take photos of your office. Make the office feel different than other business. This again, has to be brand right. What does the brand want to portray to your clients? How should your customers and employees feel as they walk into the office? This should all be portrayed through the photos.

4. If you think a photo is worth a thousand words, consider a corporate video. Imagine what story that could tell! These are seriously great! No one wants to read all about your company, sorry but you know its true. For example, we love branding and everything that goes along with branding—heck, we think we are great! However, we also realize our company’s ‘about us’ section, isn’t exactly light reading. Now, a video however, that can be entertaining. It can talk about: what your company does, highlight the scenery, talk about any major changes or promotions, or really just give a visual face to your company.

Good luck!