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Print’s Not Dead

Print is alive and it can be vital to your company’s success.

When thinking of marketing, it’s easy to think of developing a strong online presence. Which is true, your virtual footprint is important. However, your print marketing is also essential to the success of your business.

While some believe that it is extinct, that belief is not supported. Print is still effective and needed. When you leave a meeting with a client or potential client, what are you leaving behind? Or are you just walking away, hoping they’ll remember the importance of your company?

Don’t leave your impression to chance. Use print to solidify your message because small print material can make a big impact.

Print is still in use and here is why:

  1. Print is portable and tangible. Print material is something you can leave behind. Your customers will have a “real” and tangible reminder of your meeting and of your company. Tangible items will last longer than an idea.
  2. Print will solidify your brand. Explore how far your brand can go. The more your customers see your brand, the higher your brand recognition will be. It shows your brand right image in another platform to ground your brand.
  3. Print can distinguish your brand from your competitors. There are less print ads on the market than ever before. With less competition, your print material will grab your customer’s attention away from your competitors.
  4. Print is informative and visual. The print material you choose will have the main information your clients may need to know and review. It will become an easy reference when your customers are ready to use your services.
  5. Print builds credibility. With the high saturation of virtual content, informative and tangible items will reaffirm your brand. Your company will become more creditable.

Just a few print material to consider:

  1. Business Cards– A business card is often the first impression you’ll make in any meeting. Customize your business card to reflect your personality and your company’s brand.
  2. Brochures– Leave behind a piece of your company’s legacy in print form. Have your company’s mission, services, and information all within reach. Brochures will float around clients’ space and remind them of your company.
  3. Folders-Bring custom folders to your meetings. This could help you stand out and above the other bids and proposals, while also giving out your information.
  4. Memo Pads– Do you have an in-depth proposal? Give your clients personalized memo pads. When they go over their notes they’ll be reminded of your company.
  5. Envelops– Personalized, brand right envelops will make the receiver take an extra look. Send your invoices, handwritten thank you notes, or other mailings with a personalized touch.
  6. Invitations– This print item can be festive, professional, and creative. Invite your guests to your corporate event with a special brand right flare.
  7. Stickers– Stickers can be awesome printed items, especially with the right target market! If you have a well-designed sticker, your clients will proudly display it. Your sticker on display translates into more brand recognition for your company!
  8. Signs– Signs are great for trade shows as well as other events. Get a sign that is designed to attract your target market with the correct message.

It is important to know what print material makes sense for your business. If you’re overwhelmed, choose a branding agency that will strategize and make the most out of your printed, visual presence. A great agency will create unique, new print material that is tailored to the success of your business.

It is a marketing agency’s job to know the different print aspects being offered. Not only that, but also to know the different features, materials, and layouts to make the best and most brand right impression on your clients.

Make a solid first impression and leave a lasting positive impression with your print material.