We print stuff that people actually want to wear. You, your clients, employees and random people. Yeah, we are that good.

From tee shirts, polos, and knits, to dress shirts and outerwear—Bootstrap & Co has the latest clothing items that will keep your company looking professional. Your team is a representation of your brand. Whether they are in the office or in the field, a person wearing your brand is a walking, talking billboard—an extension of your products and services.

Bootstrap & Co is committed to making sure that your team members, or billboards, leave positive, lasting impressions.

  • Corporate Apparel & Design
  • Promotional Apparel
  • Custom Team Uniform Design

Strategically Centered in the Midwest

There’s something about the Midwest. Perhaps it’s the patriotic outlook, the fabled work ethic, or simply the ability to understand people from both sides of this great nation, whatever it is, it’s working.