Logo Design

We’re not contractors, but we do build foundations.

A well-designed logo will be the foundation for your brand identity. Your logo will be a visual representation that will hold up your company as a whole.

Designing a logo is a fine balance. It should be instantly recognizable and distinguishable from the competition. This happens when a design is unique and speaks to the authenticity of the brand. However, a logo should also be simplistic. This avoids a cluttered look that will be dated within a few years. A simplistic, anti-clutter logo can also be more easily adapted on to letterhead, apparel, business cards, signs, and more.

Like a trusted friend, the most successful brands have personality, are consistent, and are hard to forget. Bootstrap & Co. works with you to capture your style and vision while researching industry trends so that you are left with a time-tested brand that you are satisfied with.

Riverbend Mill

Strategically Centered in the Midwest

There’s something about the Midwest. Perhaps it’s the patriotic outlook, the fabled work ethic, or simply the ability to understand people from both sides of this great nation, whatever it is, it’s working.