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The Importance of Responsive Design

Basics of Responsive Design

Responsive website designs are a custom solution for your client’s various viewing platforms.

This ever-changing world demands websites that adjust to different viewing devices. Fully responsive websites will adapt to different screen sizes without loosing their design integrity.

Approximately 68% of all searches are done on a handheld device.  In other words, more searches today are being done on a table or smart phone versus a laptop or desktop.

—But don’t take our word for it, look around. You’ll see people surfing the net on handheld devices everywhere you go.

Why Make Your Website Responsive?

For the Customer with Multiple Devices

A design that looks nice but differs on various viewing platforms is not good enough. For example, customers might first visited your site on a laptop, then show their neighbors on a tablet, and finally on a smartphone in your store. During all of their visits, your website’s look should remain consistent.

A differing design or separate websites can lead to client frustration as they try to relearn how to navigate your site. It could also make your brand feel disjointed.

A responsive design, however, will allow your clients to seamlessly transition from all of their devices with your flawless design.

To Show Your Target Market You Care 

A responsive design means you thought of all your target market’s needs, regardless of the device they choose to use.

Let your clients skip the frustration of fumbling around a design that isn’t prepared to fulfill their screen size. Allow your user to easily navigate your site without worrying about zooming in or out on a website’s text or images.

This is a convenience that is often overlooked until you have to go through the hassle of actually adjusting their field of vision to read a website’s content.

The more frustration and obstacles a non-responsive design creates, the more likely your target market is going to leave and find a better user experience with a different and responsive website.


Do it for Your SEO Ranking to Capturing Clients

The bad news is that without a fully responsive design, all those mobile and tablet surfers you see, are lost customers. It also means that Google will drop your ranking for not being fully responsive.

The good news is that we can help create a responsive design to help you with:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • A Storefront that Tells a Story
  • Fully Responsive Design

Adding a “Mobile Friendly” label to your website, will also help your website’s search results on a mobile device. Google is has actually begun rewarding sites that are responsively built.

This is important because after all, the better your ranking is, the greater potential your website has to reach clients. Don’t miss out on potential business opportunities with a site that is lacking.


To Invest in Your Company’s Future

As new products hit the market, with various size screens, you will be able to rest easy. A responsive design is equipped for all the latest and greatest products that will soon hit the market.

No matter what new technology enters the market, know that your website will provide the best viewing experience for any device.

Are you ready to increase business potential, create a user-friendly design, and better your online presence? If so, it might be time to invest in a fully responsive design. We’d love to help.