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The WIT Group Responsive Website and Successful Strategy

WIT Responsive Website and Strategy

Whatever It Takes, is exactly what it took 

One of the WIT Group (Update: the WIT Group has updated their name to The Howard Group) mottos is doing Whatever It Takes to succeed. I mean, if you don’t believe us—take a second look at their name. Whatever It Takes is their agents’ battle cry and a vow to their clients to bring them the perfect final expense package.

The Challenge

The WIT Group wanted to recruit new agents and become the leading sales team in their company.

The Problem

Their prior system for achieving this goal lacked a working strategy. As a result, they lost valuable leads that could have expanded their team. To tackle a working strategy, we identified their main problems:

  1. Difficulty explaining complex concepts
  2. Incorrectly portrayed as a Multi-Level Marketing Company
  3. They did not have an SEO responsive website
    • They needed to be ranked in order for new recruits to find them.
    • They were not mobile responsive
  4. Too much time wasted on unqualified prospects
  5. Loss of qualified agent leads
  6. Struggled staying current
  7. Lacked a clear brand identity.

The Solution

We needed to create a quality website with a brilliant strategy to match. It is one that innovates the responsive website game all together. Our strategy, once implemented, would do most of the work for them. It’s a strategy to:

  1. Describe complex concepts in a simple and basic ways: images, blurbs, letters, and videos.
  2. Create a website that accurately portrays their proven system
    • Create agents’ profiles, which would speak to possible new agents.
  3. Become Search Engine Optimized
    • Optimized on a computer and mobile device. Therefore, it is a fully responsive website
  4. Become the first filter for any new agents that are applying—cutting out hours of valuable time and money
  5. Don’t allow any qualified agents slip through the cracks
    • Employee both follow-ups and multiple, convenient ways to sign up.
  6. We identified their key ways to stay current in a fast pace industry.
    • Monthly website maintenance
    • Continual application process
    • Branch out onto social media
  7. Developed a consistent brand identity by creating:
    • A new logo
    • Brand new website
    • Tradeshow booth
    • Business cards
    • flyers
    • And so much more!

The Results

Any above-average, high school student can build you a website. We don’t just build a company website we create a working strategy—a success story.

WIT Group went form zero website traffic to over 4,000 hits a month and grew by 30% in the first three months. Yep, that is accomplished though our world-class strategy methods. Like always, we exceeded their expectations. Our strategy website has become an integral part of their business strategy. It’s not a typical website storefront, but a vital component of the WIT Group.

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